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TABI Sponsor

Why are MITA SKY + MITA KIMONO giving away Tabi to your event, project or school?

MITA SKY + MITA KIMONO hope your students, or youth's first step to new world is bright and exciting. 

We want to give the opportunity that young people can take a first step with a new bright white TABI.






​Eligible event

1. Seijin shiki 成人式

2. School Event such as a Japanese Cultural day 日本文化紹介

3. Japanese Cultural Event 


How to apply?

1. Submit your event to the link below
Please submit more than 1 month before the event

2. We review your application and announce if your event is selected


​How to receive TABI

Option 1. Fitting Day

If you have chance to gather all attendees before the event. We will visit your facility to do the fitting on the day.

Option 2. TABI Coupon

MITA SKY + MITA KIMONO issues TABI Coupons to attendees who can visit MITA SKY showroom to pick up tabi before the event.

If you are not local, we still can support you please contact us.


Our requirement

​Please mention our donation at your event, flyer and/ or SNS.

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 We sponsored these events


Seijinshiki 2023
26 TABIs


Whitney High School
20 TABIs


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