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Emon-Nuki Deluxe

Emon-Nuki Deluxe

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For a beautiful exposed neckline in your kimono, use the Emonnuki. The Emon-Nuki is a tab that can be sewn under the collar of Juban (襦袢) to keep the collar ideal shape.


When you wish to fix your collar after you put in Kimono, the emonnuki is life saver. 


You don’t need to take off all kimono, you just pull the emonnuki to fix your kimono collar. 


You can sew it to the Juban or use safety pins ( included) to attach it.

Size: Width 13cm × Length 54cm
Hole for String: 6cm each


Material: 100% Cotton
Color: White
Made in Japan

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    Color: white
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